Interesting Facts About Muharram You Must Know

Interesting Facts About Muharram
Interesting Facts About Muharram

Interesting Facts About Muharram You Must Know

Marking the beginning of the Islamic New Year, Muharram is one of the most important festivals celebrated by Muslims across the globe.

Muharram, the mourning festival of the Muslim community, is being celebrated.  Muharram is a month, Actually from this month the new year of Islam religion begins.

On the 10th of Muharram, mourning is celebrated in memory of the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain. On this day the followers of Hazrat Imam Hussain mourn in the memory of Imam Hussain.

Why is Muharram celebrated?
Shia Muslims around the world celebrate Muharram in memory of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain and his followers. Imam Hussain was the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, who was considered a martyr in the Battle of Karbala.

As for why Muharram is celebrated, we have to go back part of the date when Islam was ruled by the Caliph. This caliph was the main leader of the Muslims of the whole world. After the death of the Prophet, four caliphs were elected. People used to decide and choose among themselves.

When the era of atrocities ( atyaachaaron ) came

Nearly 50 years after this, a period of persecution occurred in the Islamic world, the governor of Syria, not far from Mecca, Yazid proclaiming himself caliph, his way of acting like emperors who were totally against Islam.

At that time Imam Hussain had refused to accept Yazid as caliph. Angered by this, Yazid wrote a decree to Attuva, the son of his subedar Walid, ‘You call Hussain and ask him to obey me, if he does not agree, he should beheaded and sent to me.

The governor summoned Hussain to the Raj Bhavan and pronounced Yazid’s decree. To this Hussain said- ‘I cannot follow the orders of Yazid, an adulterer, corrupt and not following the messenger of God.’ After this Imam Hussain reached Mecca Sharif to complete the Hajj.

There Yazid sent his soldiers as passengers to kill Hussein. Hussein came to know about this and but Mecca is such a holy place, where killing someone is haram.

Therefore, to avoid the bloodshed, Hussein went to Iraq with his family after doing a small practice of Umrah instead of Hajj. During the two days of Muharram month 61 Hijri, Hussein was in Karbala with his family, advising Yazid’s army to be on the right track by the 9th, but he did not listen.

After this Hussain said- ‘You give me one night’s time so that I can worship Allah. This night is called the ‘Night of Ashur.

In the war 72 followers of Hussein were killed.

Then only Hussain was left alone, but then suddenly a noise was heard in the camp, his six-month-old son Ali Asghar was suffering from thirst. Hussain took it in his hands and brought him to Maidan-e-Karbala.

He asked Yazid’s army to give water to his son, but the army did not listen and the son died at the hands of Hussain. After this, the hungry and thirsty Hazrat Imam Hussain was also killed.

Shia community took out Tajia

In Islam, on the day of Ashura, people of the Shia community mourn by taking out Tazia. In Iraq, Hazrat Imam Hussein’s tomb, like the tomb, is built, tazia is made and processions are taken out. Hussain had sacrificed his life for Islam and humanity.

It is called Ashur, the Day of Mourning ( shok ), a pilgrimage (teerth yaatra ) site for Imam Hussein and Imam Abbas in Karbala, southwest of Iraq’s capital Baghdad.

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