Speech on independence day 15 august 2022 in English

Speech on independence day 15 august 2022 in English

Hello friends, Happy Independence Day to all of you and your family members from Today we have brought you the best collection of speech on 15th August.

Today you will enjoy reading the speech on Independence Day. You can narrate the Independence Day speech to all your mutual people, share the value of Independence Day with all your elders. Those who have forgotten the freedom fighters today or who do not even know the meaning of Independence Day. So through this 15th August speech, you can make them aware of patriotism.

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The 15th of August festival is one of the most famous festivals of Indian festivals. 15 August is the day of independence of the Indian people. Among Indian festivals, 15 August, which is the most fundamental day of Indian Independence Day.

Indians eagerly wait for 15th August. India got independence from British rule on 15 August.

Speech on independence day 15 august in Hindi 200 words

 Independence Day 15 August 2022 Speech in English

Greetings to all of you teachers, parents and my dear friends. Wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day.

Today is considered to be the best day in the history of India. Our country became independent on 15th August 1947, for which many freedom fighters lost their lives.

Today is the day to remember all those martyrs, we will never be able to repay their debt, but it is necessary that we maintain this freedom given by them.

We have to learn from what the British have done, and we have to make our India so strong that no one else can even see our India, far from capturing us.

I bow to those generous personalities who laid down their lives for our India and swear that even if I have to sacrifice my life for my India, I will not back down.

Bharat Mata ki Jai, Bharat Mata ki Jai, this is the only slogan I have to die for Inquilab Zindabad “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”

Best 15 August Speech in English

                  Independence Day Speech in Hindi 2022

Hello my dear teachers, my dear friends, today I would like to present some sentences for the day of India’s independence.

15 August is a national festival as well as a day to protect the self-respect of an Indian.

People of all religions live in India and their customs are all different but all are Indian.

There is a specialty of India, even though people of many caste religions live in India. But every citizen living in India is an Indian, we all have unity.

The history of India was written in golden words on 15 August 1947. Many fighters had sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India.

No one will be able to tell the price of India’s freedom. The British expressed their rule over India for 200 years and their bags went back with them on 15 August 1947.

To gain something, someone studies to lose something, in the same way those brave sons had contributed a lot to see us free.

We must never forget their best sacrifice. My “Jai Hind Jai Bharat” on the contribution of those freedom fighters for the independence of India.

15 August Speech in Hindi 2022

Today India’s independence has been 76 years and I thank you wholeheartedly for giving me this golden opportunity to express few lines in front of you all on this holy occasion.

Like all of us even today 15th August is very important for our existence. Citizens of the country, what do you know about the price of freedom, if you want to know the price, then read the history book of India once, if nothing happens then definitely visit the Red Fort.

Friends, do not forget how many struggles and sacrifices went behind the independence of India. Don’t forget how many women became widows and how many homes were destroyed. Just think about the child whose milk teeth did not break even that his father died for the freedom of all of us.

Today, youth will be found in everyone’s house, but those who have sacrificed their lives for the country will not get what they once sacrificed their lives for our country. I bow to all those martyrs even today and I have respect in my heart, I have tears in my eyes, but I swear that one day I will definitely come in the service of this country.

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