Twin Tower Demolition: Who Will Press The Last Button Of The Blast, Know The Last 30 Minute Plan To Demolish The Twin Towers ( कौन दबाएगा धमाके का फाइनल बटन,जानें ट्विन टावर गिराने के आखिरी 30 मिनट का प्लान )

Twin Tower Demolition: Who Will Press The Last Button Of The Blast, Know The Last 30 Minute Plan To Demolish The Twin Towers

Supertech Twin Tower Blast: A plan has been prepared to demolish the Supertech Twin Towers of Noida. In this regard, Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering and South African company Jet Demolition have prepared a complete plan.

Twin Tower Demolition
Twin Tower Demolition

Noida Twin Tower Blast: Preparations are in the final stage to demolish the twin tower built in Sector 93 of Noida in Uttar Pradesh. Now all eyes are on how this blast will happen and what is the plan for last minute explosion in dynamite. Here we will tell you who will press the button of Final Blast and how the operation will be done in the last 30 minutes.

In whose hands is the last button of Big Blast… (महाविस्फोट का फाइनल बटन किसके हाथ)
Six personnel, including Bricksman, would take responsibility within 100 meters of the building before the explosion. The box will be charged before detonation. The current will then be routed to the dynamite in 9500 layers. If all goes well, Chetan Dutta, who is playing a key role in Operation Mahablast, will press the last button of the blast. About 7 thousand holes have been made to put gunpowder in the building.

Cause of building collapse ( इमारत गिराने की वजह )
Mayur Mehta, project manager, Edifice Engineering, says that the twin towers have Apex 32 storeys and Shiyan 29 storeys. The two towers had a total of 915 flats, with a gap of at least 16 meters between the two towers, but less than 9 metres.

Supertech Twin Tower Demolition: 3000 families will be imprisoned in homes for 10 hours, these five roads will be closed on 28. (10 घंटे तक घरों में कैद रहेंगे 3000 परिवार, 28 को ये पांच रास्ते रहेंगे बंद

Responsibility to specialist companies

A 7-member team of South African company Jet Demolition, which specializes in skyscraper demolition, and indigenous firm Edphis Engineering will complete the mission to get the Twin Towers off the ground on August 28.

Where will the blast happen first

Mehta said, The first blast will be in Cayenne B1 and Apex Aster 2-3. The wiring to connect the explosives as well as to each floor has been completed. All that is left now is to give them the ignition. To save the Emerald Court building, two towers are planned to be demolished on the western side of the gate itself.

Both the buildings are planned to be demolished at a distance of three meters so that the debris does not fall on the aster-2. Asters of Supertech -2, Aster-3 and Aspire 1 towers will be fully protected.

In the blink of an eyes the whole game is over ( पलक झपकते ही सारा खेल खत्म)

If 3700 kg of dynamite is installed in the building, then in 10 to 12 seconds the building will fall like a pack of cards. It is estimated that more than 35 thousand cubic meters of debris will be released from this.

The plume of dust and smoke can reach a height of 900 meters and spread over a radius of three kilometers. There will be a difference of nano seconds between these blasts, that is, the whole game will be over in the blink of an eye.

Morning evacuation preparation
By 7.30 a.m. on August 28, around 7,000 people, including four large buildings (Amerault Court and ATS Village), will be evacuated from their flats after the twin tower evacuation plan blast. Five thousand vehicles will also be sent elsewhere.

Electricity, water and gas supply will remain closed
150 flats around the Twin Towers are at high risk. In such a situation, the electricity-water connection will also be cut at seven in the morning. The connection of IGL gas pipeline will also be disconnected at 6.30 am. While the RWA will cut off the power supply at around 12 noon.

How will the traffic plan be
At the time of the blast (Blast Traffic Advisory), movement within a radius of about one kilometer will be completely closed. Noida Expressway will be closed for 30 minute. 500 policemens will be deployed to handle the traffics . Eight routes of Twin Towers will be completely closed.

It will take 90 day to remove the debris ( 90 दिन लगेंगे मलबा हटाने में )

More than 100 trucks will make 1200-1300 rounds to clear the debris. Around four thousand tons of iron and steel will come out of the demolished building. The company will be recover its expense by selling it. Edhi’s, which took over the demolition of the building, and Jet Demolition of South Africa estimate that the entire operation will cost around Rs 17-18 crore.

Twin Tower Demolition :

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